Reasons why you should have Uninterruptible power suppliesWhen thinking about protecting your data center, the first thing that comes to mind is the addition of firewalls. While firewalls are an important aspect of keeping the data center safe, providing a barrier that keeps destructive elements out of your network, they are not the only type of protection that you need.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are just as important as firewalls, however, they are often an afterthought. UPS units provide your system with protection from power abnormalities which is crucial for preventing business interruptions as well as protecting your data center equipment from power related damages.



Whats the Big Deal?

Often UPS systems are not thought of when a network is initially installed. It is not until a Blackout or Power surge damages the servers, routers and switches within that data center, that the necessity of a UPS is obvious. Meaning most people explore the benefits of having a UPS system in terms of lets never let this happen again, rather than let’s find a way to prevent this from ever happening.

Exploring the benefits of having an uninterruptible Power Supply in terms of a preemptive strike against, rather than a remedy to prevent power related damage, is a wise choice for your data center and your business.


What are the Benefits?

Continuous Power-This is the premiere benefit of having a UPS(s) installed in your data center. An Uninterruptible Power Supply’s main function is to prevent loss of function during a power outage. Basically, a ups will detect when there is a black out and instantly switch to its internal power supply, which means your system will not cease to operate just because the power is out. When facing an extended power outage, the UPS will keep the components of the network functioning until they can safely be shut down.

UPS and PDUPower Surge Protection-This one is a biggie! All UPS units are programmed to monitor incoming power voltage for spikes and surges. If a power spike or surge is senses the uninterruptible power supply will switch itself to AC power to prevent the surge from hitting your mission critical servers and other vital IT equipment connected to it. Thus preventing any damage a power spike would cause to any and all equipment that it is plugged into to. . Once the threat is no longer detected, a re-connection with the power outlet is established.
Variety of Options– The top manufacturers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies are CyberPower and APC. Both of which, create top of the line uninterruptible power supplies in a variety of sizes and voltages to fit any and all systems. The beauty of this variety, is that anyone can outfit their network with a UPS, no matter the size of their system or the size of their budget.

The Take Away

Everyone from the small 5 man office to the fortune 500 company cannot afford to not have uninterruptible power supplies installed in their network. Without the proper ups systems in place, there is no line of defense between your critical IT equipment and the damage power abnormalities can inflict. Don’t leave your IT equipment unprotected!


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