Secondary Market Reseller Secrets

If you work in the IT field, then surely you have heard of the secondary IT hardware market, at least in passing, but what do you really know about it?

The thing is that there are a great deal of misconceptions about the secondary market and the network equipment resellers it is comprised of. Things like the equipment sold on the secondary market is all counterfeit. FALSE! Network Equipment dealers only sell old, outdated equipment. Not True! And my favorite, all IT equipment resellers are scammers. Absolutely Not True! IT hardware resellers work very hard to maintain our reputations and discredit the myths that circulate about us, and believe me there are quite a few.



So what are these things we are really dying to tell you? I am so glad you asked!


Here are 4 really important things that every IT equipment reseller would jump at the chance to tell you.


We are not Scammers

Not all resellers are scammersThis is the first thing that every single reputable network hardware reseller wants everyone to know. We are not saying that there are not scammers out there, because there are and it is important for you know how to detect and avoid them. What we want everyone to know is that not everyone who resells network equipment is scamming you. In fact, the majority of us are trustworthy proud members of organizations like UNEDA, who are held to a strict code of ethics and run our businesses by the books


We can’t stock everything, but we can get you anything!

Your Wish is a Cisco Resellers CommandIt is impossible for every reseller to stock every piece of equipment that a customer might request. However, all resellers will tell you that just because they do not have a particular piece of equipment in stock does not mean that they cannot get it for you, and quickly at that! The fact of the matter is that resellers have the ability to get you, the client, any piece of equipment that you could possibly require for your data center. From a 48 Port Cisco Switch, to a Dell R820 server, and an APC Power Distribution Unit all the way down to the CAT5e cables, a secondary market IT hardware reseller can provide you with everything your data center needs. Consider us the Genie of your network hardware needs!



Secondary Market does not mean ancient

save on new cisco quote btnAlthough many people associate the secondary market with older equipment, not everything that we sell is out dated legacy equipment. In fact, network equipment resellers can provide new equipment from an OEM’s current product line at a fraction of the OEM price. Meaning you can purchase the exact same new Cisco ASR 1000 series Router (ASR1001, ASR1002, ASR1004 ect) that you would get from Cisco or a brand new Adtran Netvanta 1234 PoE Switch from a reputable hardwar reseller for a fraction of the OEM list price.


We want to get you exactly what you want

It is our mission as IT hardware resellers to help you, the customer, get exactly what you want and more appropriately, what you need. We believe that if you are happy with the products that we deliver, that you will come back to us with your future data center needs. Therefore we will not try to convince you that you need an upgrade before its necessary and we will never try to convince you that you need the latest and greatest thing, like your OEM rep will. As resellers, our goal is to get you the equipment that you need, in top quality condition, when and where you need it.
So there you have it, the 4 things that every network equipment reseller want you to know. The bottom line is that there are a lot of misconceptions about the secondary IT equipment market and what resellers actually do. The best way for you to determine what is fact and what is fiction is to check for yourself.

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