Sell your used cisco gear to a reseller today!Now that the excitement of New Gear in the New Year has worn off, you find yourself with a pile of decommissioned networking equipment taking up a significant amount of space in your warehouse.  While you know that this used hardware is taking up precious space in your facility, what you may not know is that these pieces of used network equipment are worth far more than their weight in scrap metal.   That’s right,  those Cisco routers, switches and firewalls laying all over your warehouse have value!

But how do you know how much they are worth?  Better yet, how to you even begin to go about selling this huge pile of equipment? 


The best option:  To sell your used IT gear to a reputable Network Equipment Reseller.  Selling your used IT equipment to a Reseller will guarantee you the best return on your used network equipment.


These 7 tips, if followed, will ensure that you successfully sell your used Cisco equipment as quickly as possible.

Know What You Have:

Make a list of the IT Equipment that you are looking to sell.  The key is to be as detailed as possible.  The more information that you give you to your Network Equipment reseller, the more accurate of an estimate you will get for your equipment. The most important pieces of information that a Used Equipment Broker typically look for are  complete Part numbers and  serial numbers.

network equipment maintenance fail!Be as Truthful as Possible: 

It is important to be as honest with your Reseller as possible. If equipment is damaged or not working properly, tell them upfront. All reputable used equipment dealers thoroughly test all of the equipment, so they will find out sooner or later, if a piece of equipment is damaged or broken. The more honest and detailed you are with your reseller, about your used equipment, the more accurate your Fair Market Valuation will be.

Research Your Equipment’s Worth:

When you sell anything, it is important to know the value of what you are trying to sell.  You would never take your car into a dealership to sell it without checking out what it is currently worth, Would you?  I didn’t think so. The same thing goes for your Used IT Gear.   When price checking your equipment it is important to make sure that the Equipment you see on line is EXACTLY THE SAME as the piece that you have.  Also, you should always compare pricing on at least 5 sites, because price differences can range between a $20 difference and a $1500 difference, depending on the site.   As a side note, it is also a good idea to check out the sale price of the recently sold items on Ebay.  Doing so, will give you a good idea of the real value of your equipment.

Have Realistic Expectations: 

Keeping in mind that you are NOT going to back the entirety of Sell your Used Cisco Equipmentwhat you paid for your equipment, is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to do when you are selling your Used IT Equipment.   Networking Equipment, just like cars, depreciate in value as time goes on, and the longer you have a piece of equipment, the less value it retains. If you are aware of this, and you do your online research, you will save yourself a great deal of disappointment when you receive the offers from your Reseller.

Get More Than One Quote:

Every Used Network Equipment Reseller would love for you to just send over your list of decommissioned Cisco Gear solely to them for pricing.  However, that is not really the best way to know you are getting the most return on your investment, now is it?  That is, I would not recommend it, unless you already have a trusted Network Equipment Reseller, that you have established a relationship with.

Consider All the Factors: 

Take into account all of the aspects of selling your Pre-owned Cisco and not let dollar signs make be the ultimate deciding factor.  A reputable Equipment Reseller will not only provide you with a fair offer for your deinstalled equipment, but they will also arrange a pick up,  pay for all shipping costs and most importantly pay you promptly for your equipment.  When you are trying recoup as much of your initial investment, the last thing you want is to dish out money for is freight charges or spend time chasing down payment. Remember that they best way to ensure a quick and easy transaction is to sell your used network equipment to a reputable used Cisco reseller.

Protect Your Equipment from Damage:

Ok you have compiled your list, done your research and sent the list out to a few Network Equipment Brokers for Quotes!  Now what?  Well, there is one more thing that you should do that is crucial for you to get the most value out of that pile of used cisco. 

Keep It Safe! 

If your equipment has made it through decommissioning unscathed, protect it from any damage it may incur.  Damage, whether it be a scratch, a dent or a broken face plate, will always drive down the value of a piece of equipment.   The best solution, is to keep your used network equipment in an area that does not get too much traffic to keep it safe from being bumped, kicked or dropped.

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