tipsThe Secondary Market can be frightening.
Let’s face it, if you work anywhere in the world of Information Technology, you have heard at least one horrific tale of someone buying from a network equipment dealer who never delivered the equipment or sold to a dealer who never sent payment.   No wonder you panic at the mention of buying or selling pre-owned network gear, but it doesn’t have to be that way.   There are great Pre-owned Network Equipment Resellers out there!  Really there are!  Let’s look at some clear cut ways to tell if you are working with one of the Best!

Check them out:
We live in a world where the answer to any question you have is just one google search bar away. Why not take advantage of that.  In just a few clicks you can check to see if a Pre-Owned Network hardware Reseller has a professional website, make sure they have a legitimate address and phone number, as well as verify that their website domain matches the domain in their email address.   If any of these things do not seem right to you, dig a little deeper.


uneda-ciscoAsk if they are a UNEDA member:
This is a biggie!    UNEDA (United Networking Equipment Dealers Association) is an alliance of more than 300 of the top used network equipment dealers worldwide who adhere to a strict code of ethics.  Members of UNEDA work hard to ensure the highest standards and keep counterfeit equipment and fraudulent companies out of the Secondary Market.  


Check out the Reseller’s Reputation: 
In this day and age, reputation is everything! If you were looking for a good plumber would you just pick the first one that comes on up google? Or would you ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation?  Exactly, you would ask someone you trust!  The same thing applies when you are looking for a reputable Network Equipment Dealer.  Ask your friends and colleagues, see what they know about the Used Cisco Dealer you are checking out.   A dependable Used Cisco Reseller will have a good reputation within the market place.
Ask about their practices:
It is important to know how a Secondary Market IT Dealer Operates.  Do they test all of their Equipment?  Do they offer Warranties and if so for how long? Do they stock Equipment? What kind of maintenance programs do they offer?  These are all very important questions that you should ask a Reseller, no matter if you are buying or selling your used cisco equipment.   Top quality Network Equipment dealers thoroughly test all of their equipment, offer a 30 day – life time warranty, and offer maintenance programs to help you sustain the life of your equipment.  Reputable resellers will also keep a good stock of equipment on hand to fulfill orders quickly.

Remember, a Reputable Used Cisco Reseller will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  The foundation for a Network Equipment Reseller’s business is Happy, repeat customer.


Want to know more?  
Download your copy of the Whitepaper, 5 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Cisco Hardware from a Trusted Reseller, and see what else a Reliable network Equipment Reseller can do for you!
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