Sell your used cisco gear to a reseller today!Now that the excitement of New Gear in the New Year has worn off, you find yourself with a pile of decommissioned networking equipment taking up a significant amount of space in your warehouse.  While you know that this used hardware is taking up precious space in your facility, what you may not know is that these pieces of used network equipment are worth far more than their weight in scrap metal.   That’s right,  those Cisco routers, switches and firewalls laying all over your warehouse have value!

But how do you know how much they are worth?  Better yet, how to you even begin to go about selling this huge pile of equipment? 


The best option:  To sell your used IT gear to a reputable Network Equipment Reseller.  Selling your used IT equipment to a Reseller will guarantee you the best return on your used network equipment.


These 7 tips, if followed, will ensure that you successfully sell your used Cisco equipment as quickly as possible.
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