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Sell your used networking hardware to DNI.

Data Networks International, LLC buys large and small lots of networking equipment from all over the globe, meaning you can sell to us. We pay top prices for pre-owned networking equipment and are ready to bid on your hardware. Turn your excess gear into cash by selling your used networking hardware to DNI. While our main focus is Cisco we are still interested in all of the major manufacturers including Juniper Networks, HP, Avaya, Alcatel/Lucent, ATEN, Sun/Oracle, CyberPower, Adtran, Motorola, Arris, Scientific Atlanta, and more.

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*We only purchase equipment form individuals or companies that have the legal right to sell items being offered.  The seller must sign a disclosure agreement regarding Free and Clear Title  IN ADDITION TO providing the valid, original serial numbers for EACH item, prior to shipment and payment.

By Signing the Disclosure Agreement The Seller Warrants that:

(1) The Seller is the Legal Owner of the Property

(2) the Property is Being Transferred Free and Clear of Any Liens and Encumbrances

(3) The Seller has the Right to Sell the Property

(4) The Seller has Inspected Each Unit and Verified that the Original Serial Numbers are Physically Present and Intact on the Unit(s)