NEW Cisco MWR-2941-DC-A

Cisco MWR-2941-DC-A Mobile Wireless Router

MWR-2941-DC-A : Cisco MWR 2941-DC Mobile Wireless Router

The Cisco MWR 2941-DC Mobile Wireless Router is a cell-site gateway specifically designed to clock, aggregate, and backhaul mixed-generation RAN traffic.  The Cisco MWR 2941-DC prioritizes and processes cell-site voice, data, and signaling traffic as part of the Cisco Unified RAN Backhaul solution for reliable transport across any available backhaul networks, including E1/T1, ATM, Carrier Ethernet, microwave, WiMAX, and Satellite networks.  Custom design for the cell site , the CISCO MWR 2941-DC Features a small form factor, superior clocking, extended operating temperatures and cell-site DC input voltages.  This particular Mobile Wireless Router includes a high-performance host processor joined with a powerful dataplane network processing engine, a line-rate Level 2 switch, precise clocking and synchronization, and comprehensive Cisco IOS Software customized for RAN backhaul applications.

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