Repairs & Spares


With the high cost of Cisco SmartNet Maintenance and other OEM’s contracts, on economical alternative would be to keep some “hot Spares” on hand. Keeping Spare Cisco and other network hardware on site can get you back up and running in seconds as opposed to hours or days. It can help keep your IT budget under control as well. If you have any Cisco equipment in need of repair, we can help. Our program can save your company thousands of dollars on monthly maintenance charges.

Cisco Repair Warranty:
Same as our refurbished equipment warranty, up to a lifetime warranty.
Free Cisco Repair Estimate:
Before you scrap it, send it to us. Repairing your Cisco item can be much less expensive than replacing it.
No Fee Evaluations:
If we cannot repair, we will not charge a fee
Fast Turnaround:
Usually, we will begin the evaluation within 24 hours of receipt and repair it within a week.

Purchase some spares or get a repair now: