Metaswitch is a company that is, and has always been, a software company. They have a history of providing high performance software to the communications industry, while solving its most difficult problems. They strive to make this software available on commercially off-the-shelf hardware. They have developed expertise in platform application programming interfaces (APIs) and user interface design. As a result, Metaswitch has an enviable head start in network functions virtualization (NFV), with many of our products already operating within cloud-based environments. Metaswitch expertise in writing scalable applications and software for multi-core CPUs and cloud computing environments has helped solve many of the problems associated with decoupling complex communications software from proprietary hardware.

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Communications Infrastructure
Integrated Softswitch
Universal Media Gateway
Media Resource Server

Management Systems

At the core of every Metaswitch network, the MetaView Network Management System (NMS) provides unified management with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Providing a consolidated window into the entire Metaswitch product range, including MetaSphere, CommPortal, Universal Media Gateway and Media Resource Server, MetaView significantly enhances your ability to reduce operational costs even as you introduce compelling new services into your network.

MetaView NMS simplifies the management of your network through close integration with all members of the MetaView family. Family members include:

MetaView Web
MetaView Explorer
Service Assurance Server
Voice Quality Monitoring
SIP Provisioning Server

Powerful Management Tools

At the core of every Metaswitch network, the MetaView NMS provides provisioning, configuration, fault reporting, statistics and trouble-shooting services across the entire Metaswitch product range. Designed to help you minimize your operational costs, MetaView offers management capabilities that are powerful and intuitive. It offers a choice of user interfaces and a number of unique capabilities that address the particular challenges of trouble-shooting, device configuration and service quality control:

Provisioning and Configuration
Problem Management


The MetaView platform is based on a three-tier architecture, comprising

  • the network elements being managed
  • the MetaView Server, an aggregation entity which manages the multiple network elements. MetaView Server presents an upstream SNMP/Corba interface to MetaView Explorer, MetaView Web clients and third-party OSS, billing, and network monitoring platforms such as IBM Tivoli Netcool.
  • the MetaView clients, including Metaview Explorer and MetaView Web.

In addition, the platform enables your subscribers to self-select and initiate new services via the CommPortal™ Web interface. To assist you in supporting customers using CommPortal, a service provider login feature allows your customer service representatives to access and modify CommPortal settings on behalf of a subscriber.

Integration and Billing

MetaView can be readily integrated into third-party OSS, billing and network management systems via

  • a Corba programming interface encapsulating the underlying SNMP MIBs
  • a northbound SOAP/XML interface.

External billing / mediation systems are easily integrated since the MetaSphere Application Server generates industry-standard AMA-format (GR-1100 / GR-1343) Call Detail Records, accessed by secure ftp.

IP Telephony

Voice is still at the core of your communications business. But while the relationship between voice and your revenue is still clear, the relationship between voice and your network is not. Progressive service providers understand, and regulators agree, that voice is now just an application that rides on top of a broadband network. To compete in the modern communications market, service providers must move their voice to broadband, enhance the experience, then scale and secure for the future.

As a company with an unmatched legacy in simplifying the migration from TDM switching to VoIP, and a rate of innovation that sets us apart from the rest, Metaswitch is your obvious partner of choice for the move to a new era in voice communications.

During this transformation, service providers must address the very real challenges of

  • Moving existing stove-piped services to an all-IP applications server
  • Providing a consistent user experience across multiple, disparate endpoints
  • Delivering a compelling communications service that counters the threat from over-the-top competitors
  • Building a network that maintains existing services and reduces operating costs while supporting the rapid introduction of an integrated communications portfolio that meets the demands of a gobal and mobile customer base

By working with Metaswitch, leading service providers are updating the telephony experience with cheap and flexible VoIP service plans, with access to unified messaging, and made available on telephones, tablets and TV.

Around the globe, service providers are bringing their infrastructure, messaging platforms, telephony services and applications into IP. Building their business on a unifying communications experience that is built on Metaswitch.

Integrated Softswitch

The VP6010 and VP6050 Integrated Softswitches offer compact, self-contained solutions for small, medium or large Class 4 / Class 5 switch replacement or for VoIP service delivery. Based on a combination of select MetaSphere telephony applications running directly on processor blades in the Universal Media Gateway platform, the Integrated Softswitch is highly cost-effective and exceptionally simple to deploy.

The VP6010 and VP6050 are both built on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ATCA platforms designed for cutting edge performance and easy maintenance. The mid-density VP6010 supports up to 100,000 subscribers and 400,000 Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA), while the high-density VP6050, designed for larger softswitch deployments, scales to 600,000 subscribers and 2.4 million BHCA.

Flexibility for every application
Future-proof open architecture
Carrier-grade reliability