Buying Used Cisco Routers & Network Equipment-Truthful Tips and Debunked Myths

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    • Used & refurbished network equipment can shorten lead times while increasing ROI. CIO’s and IT Directors can help increase a company’s bottom line when they buy used network equipment from the secondary market place!
    • DON’T BE SCAMMED! Establish relationship with the company or person you wish to purchase your Cisco equipment from. Make sure you can verify company name, address, phone #, website. and that the domain in the email address MATCHES the web address. Buy from a legitimate company like DNI!
    • Make sure the supplier STOCKS what they are quoting you. Many BROKERS out there quote items they DO NOT actually have on hand.. then drag out the lead time or fail to ship at all.
    • Location:Know the location your order will ship from. Shipping costs, especially internationally, can turn a good deal into something you’re overpaying for.
    • Condition: Be aware of the condition of the item. New, used, refurbished… no surprises later
    • Testing: Is your item tested prior to shipping or just “used” and shipped without verification it is in fully working order?
    • Warranty: Your supplier should stand behind what they sell. Don’t get stuck paying for an “as-is” item that arrives defective.
    • Trust: Ask the seller if they are a member of UNEDA (United Networking Equipment Dealers Association) : UNEDA is an alliance of more than 300 of the top used network equipment dealers worldwide who adhere to a strict code of ethics.
    • UNEDA: When buying used Cisco routers & switches from a UNEDA member in the secondary market a buyer can feel confident about the money being saved when purchasing used or refurbished network equipment. All UNEDA members offer a warranty or replacement of some level, typically a year, and limited-lifetime warranties on network equipment are also common or can usually be purchased along with post-sales support services. Finally, one of the best benefits to purchasing used or refurbished network equipment from a trusted seller is the guarantees or warranties being offered require extensive testing to ensure the quality and integrity of the equipment being sold.

NOT TRUE: Used means abused equipment.
NOT TRUE: Used Network Equipment has NO WARRANTY
NOT TRUE: The equipment you need must be purchased directly from the OEM.
NOT TRUE: Third-party optics and memory may not be compatible or may not function optimally
NOT TRUE: You can’t put used equipment under maintenance
NOT TRUE: You CAN'T get great technical support from pre-owned suppliers.
NOT TRUE: The Secondary Market means “GREY” Market and Grey is the same as BLACK Market