Network equipment maintenance programsThe one thing that every IT professional has in common is the quest to maximize the life and relevancy of their network equipment. With IT budgets perpetually shrinking and the cost of new technology constantly rising, it is no wonder why utilizing each piece of it equipment to its fullest potential is a top priority.

There are a number of things that you can do to prolong the shelf life of your routers, servers and switches. Including properly maintaining your entire network infrastructure. Which includes regularly cleaning your equipment, applying cable management best practices and utilizing network equipment maintenance programs.

proper cable managementWhile many network maintenance managers utilize big name maintenance programs like Cisco SmartNet and Juniper J-Care, the majority are not familiar with 3rd party options, like DNI SureNet. While there are a number of benefits of using 3rd party maintenance programs for your data center hardware, including lower costs and the convenience of having all of your maintenance contracts in one place. However, there is one benefit that outweighs them all.

3rd party maintenance programs cover network hardware that big label programs do not!

Why is this so beneficial?

For starters, utilizing a 3rd party program, like SureNet, will allow continuous coverage for equipment that has been deemed legacy or retired by the manufacturer. Which alleviates the pressure to upgrade once your equipment has been discontinued. Allowing you to determine when your network equipment needs to be upgraded on your time table, not Cisco’s.

Don't waste money on expensive cisco maintenance programsThink about it, if you have a data center full of equipment that is working perfectly and suiting all of your company’s needs, why should you have to spend your entire IT budget on a new system and new maintenance contracts to ensure that you are covered under your manufacturer’s maintenance plan. The answer is, you should NOW and absolutely DO NOT have to.

Enlisting the help of a 3rd party maintenance provider to maintain your legacy equipment will give you the freedom to focus your IT budget and your time on things that are more important to your business than constantly upgrading your hardware.



Have questions about 3rd party maintenance contracts and how they can benefit your company? Check out what SureNet has to offer…

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