Work from Home Guide – Part 1 – What Employee and Employers need to know


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Have you made the switch to work from home?

Research shows that working from home benefits both employees and employers.

Working from home helps with employee retention

46% of companies that allow telework say it has reduced attrition.

14% of Americans have changed jobs to shorten the commute.

95% of employers say telework has a high impact on employee retention.

Employees consider it a job perk

80% of employees consider working from home as a perk.

Two-thirds of employees want to work from home.

36% say they would prefer it over a pay raise and 37% say they would take a pay cut of 10% in order to work from home.

Reduced Costs

Reduced in expenditures, an example is how IBM slashed real estate costs by $50 million.

Average real estate savings with full-time telework is $10,000/employee/year.

With higher employee retention, there is a decrease in training costs.

Increased productivity

Best Buy, British Telecom, Dow Chemical, and many others show that teleworkers are 35-40% more productive.

Businesses lose $600 billion a year in workplace distractions.

Over two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among their telecommuters.

Potential risks

While network security is always an issue, trusting employees’ home networking equipment can leave your valuable information exposed.

Lack of productivity. While most employees show increased productivity or no change, there are some employees who just aren’t cut out to work from home.

Working from home in 2021

The average worker starts work at 8:32 a.m. and ends work at 5:38 p.m.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the most productive days, in that order

Telephone calls are up 230%

CRM activity is up 176%

Email is up 57% and chat is up 9%

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Latest Trends in Cyber Security


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Latest Trends in Cyber Security

1. Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence is quite a buzzword these days. Ever wondered how one can apply AI to cyber security? Well, the application is in a way similar to the working of two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication works by confirming a user’s identity based on 2-3 different parameters. The parameters being, something they know, are and have. Add to that additional layers of information and authentication, and that is where AI comes into the picture. Deep learning is being used to analyze data such as logs, transaction and real-time communications to detect threats or unwarranted activities.

2. Behavioral Analytics

With the whole Facebook Data Breach fray, one is well aware of the use of data mining for behavior analysis. This technique is widely to target social media and online advertisements to the right set of audience. Interestingly, behavior analytics is being increasingly explored to develop advanced cyber security technologies.

Behavioral analytics helps determine patterns on a system and network activities to detect potential and real-time cyber threats. For instance, an abnormal increase in data transmission from a certain user device could indicate a possible cyber security issue. While behavioral analytics is mostly used for networks, its application in systems and user devices has witnessed an upsurge.

3. Embedded Hardware Authentication

A PIN and password are no longer adequate to offer foolproof protection to hardware. Embedded authenticators are emerging technologies to verify a user’s identity.

Intel has initiated a major breakthrough in this domain by introducing Sixth-generation vPro Chips. These powerful user authentication chips are embedded into the hardware itself. Designed to revolutionize ‘authentication security’, these employ multiple levels and methods of authentication working in tandem.

4. Blockchain Cybersecurity

Blockchain cyber security is one of the latest cyber security technologies that’s gaining momentum and recognition. The blockchain technology works on the basis of identification between the two transaction parties. Similarly, blockchain cyber security works on the basis of blockchain technology’s peer-to-peer network fundamentals.

Every member in a blockchain is responsible for verifying the authenticity of the data added. Moreover, blockchains create a near-impenetrable network for hackers and are our best bet at present to safeguard data from a compromise. Therefore, the use of blockchain with Artificial Intelligence can establish a robust verification system to keep potential cyber threats at bay.

5. Zero-Trust Model

As the name itself states, this model of cyber security is based on a consideration that a network is already compromised. By believing that one cannot trust the network, one would obviously have to enhance both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ securities.

The crux here is that both internal and external networks are susceptible to a compromise and need equal protection. It includes identifying business-critical data, mapping the flow of this data, logical and physical segmentation, and policy and control enforcement through automation and constant monitoring.

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Raritan Megaconsole Digital Dual


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Dual Monitor KVM Switch: Access and Control Multiple Dual-Head PCs and Servers

MasterConsole Digital Dual (MCD-DUAL) is the new dual-head Cat5 KVM switch line in the MCD product family. Raritan’s dual-monitor KVM switch enables a single user to manage and control multiple dual-head devices and support borderless mouse switching.

MCD-DUAL can be cascaded with MCD-DUAL KVM switches to manage up to 64 servers at distances up to 150 feet (45 meters). It features the use of standard Category 5/6/6e unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cables for connecting computers. You can also switch ports by mouse movement, hotkeys or on-screen display (OSD).

There are two MCD-DUAL models: MCD-104-DUAL and MCD-108-DUAL to manage 4 or 8 dual-head servers or PC’s respectively.

The new MasterConsole Digital Dual is ideal for supporting dual-display output, digital video interfaces and audio with borderless mouse port switching.

Learn More About MasterConsole Digital Dual


image 1


Supports multiple dual-head video interfaces via CIM (MDCIM-DVI/HDMI/DP) & UTP VGA cables.

image 2


Supports the highest video resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 @60Hz and 1920 x 1080 @60Hz.

image 3


Connect to servers up to 100 feet away via DVI/HDMI/DP CIMs or UTP VGA combo cables.

image 4


Save time and increase productivity by quickly switching channels with the mouse.


Additional Features

Space-Saving Design

All MCD-DUAL units are only 1U in height

Simple Installation

Plug-and-play installation and configuration along with easy-to-use, on-screen displays.

AutoScan and AutoSkip

AutoScan allows users to scan servers at variable rates. AutoSkip bypasses inactive channels.

More Information


The new MasterConsole Digital Dual-Display (MCD-DUAL) SMB KVM switches support dual-display output, digital video interfaces and audio with borderless mouse port switching.


MCD Model Information

MCD Models



Video Connections






























CIM for DVI video output + USB for keyboard and mouse


CIM for HDMI video output with HDMI Audio + USB for keyboard and mouse


CIM for DP video output + USB for keyboard and mouse






2-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio


4-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio


6-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio


15-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio


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30 Million Reasons Why Poly is the Go-To for Crushing Your Calls


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March 31, 2021

Poly’s lineup of professional-grade phones give you countless ways to crush a call from anywhere

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Poly (NYSE: PLT) announced today that it has sold its 30 millionth IP phone, marking more than 20 years of beautifully engineered, future-proof voice devices trusted by those who are serious about quality audio and pro-grade communication.

Poly’s celebrates its legacy in audio innovation, and beautifully designed phones for mission critical calls.

The milestone comes amid rapid changes in the marketplace, as businesses transition from on-premise based phone systems to the cloud, and amidst a global pandemic that has exponentially accelerated the adoption and usage of cloud-based services. Poly voice solutions continue to help IT service providers and customers adapt to how and where people work with a full suite of IP desk phones, wireless phones, USB speakerphones, conference phones, analog telephone adapters (ATAs), and installed audio.

Poly’s voice solutions feature some of the industry’s leading technology in audio innovation, including: smart multi-microphone arrays, HD Voice, Acoustic Fence, and NoiseBlock AI technologies. Poly recently announced its Poly Rove DECT IP phone, the first and only phone solution to exclusively feature built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection, designed to give frontline workers the confidence to collaborate in high-touch work settings.

Poly’s line of phones has consistently evolved over time, along with the way we choose to communicate at work. It all started with Polycom’s first-ever SoundStation conference phone, which can be found on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Poly’s iconic CCX Series is also the first business media phone of its kind to come with or without a handset, providing the option to be used with a headset or a speakerphone instead.

“Technology has changed drastically over time, but the need for high quality phone systems and the ability to connect are constant,” said John Lamarque, vice president and general manager of the voice collaboration and professional headset business unit at Poly. “Poly’s mission is to outfit any and every type of workspace with pro-grade audio technology and high-quality phones to meet your needs, wherever that may be, so you can focus on what matters most.”

For IT and business leaders, Poly voice solutions provide flexibility. Poly works with more than 60 platforms and service providers, including RingCentral, GoTo by LogMeIn, Vonage, Nextiva, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and 8×8, so IT and business leaders have the freedom to pick their partner of choice. Poly management solutions make deployments easy and help remotely troubleshoot an issue to its root cause, without requiring IT to travel beyond the cloud.

Poly is a long-time trusted provider of versatile phone solutions for a wide range of customers, from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations. Now more than ever, as organizations seek to solve the challenges of a hybrid workforce, Poly is leading the way with its innovative pro-grade phone solutions.

Poly’s latest phones are designed so you can command the conversation wherever you are:

Office Solutions – Paying homage to the original SoundStation conference phone, Poly has reimagined conference rooms around the world with the Trio C60, a smart conference phone that features expansion microphones for brilliant audio in large and open spaces. The Trio C60 easily pairs with Poly videoconferencing solutions and makes it easy to launch and join meetings, and also features Alexa for Business so you can join a meeting touch-free. Another device that’s simple to set up and easy to use in the office is the VVX Series, beautifully designed, IP desk phones that are compatible with almost any platform. The VVX Series features Acoustic Fence technology and blocks out unwanted background noise, so you can sound your best on every call.
Flexible Work Solutions – For those working from home, on the road or returning to the office, the Poly Sync Family of smart speakerphones are USB and Bluetooth enabled devices. These beautifully designed smart speakerphones with award-winning audio can be voice activated to join a meeting and are Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified.
Essential Workplace Solutions – For critical and essential workplaces, Poly offers the Poly Rove wireless DECT™ IP phones, the first and only phone solution to feature built-in antimicrobial protection from Microban. With Poly Rove, you have the freedom to move around warehouses and shift floors with the confidence to collaborate in high-touch work settings.
“Poly’s differentiated range of IP phone devices deliver one of the industry’s best audio experiences in the market,” said Alaa Saayed, ICT industry director at Frost & Sullivan. “Over time, the company has successfully invigorated its portfolio with the introduction of new desktop models; the delivery of advanced features and capabilities; the partnering with key call control providers; and the implementation of a rock solid endpoint management system that allows businesses to manage, provision and update Poly phones in a streamlined and simplified manner.”

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