Since the dawn of the internet the world has been getting smaller and smaller, so to speak. The internet has allowed us to communicate with people all over the world to gain access, in minutes, to information that may have required years to attain and translate. The limitations of distance, availability, and language are virtually a thing of the past.

In the 21st Century, video calls and conferences have helped to close the gap of distance, by allowing people to be someplace or with someone virtually when they physically can’t be. Most research for information is done via the internet, where a simple Google search results in hundreds of thousands of sources, making the availability of information endless. Languages can be translated in seconds with translators or captioning, but these results for translation typically have come with a delay.

In recent times, company Executives have been faced with how to address the language barrier for video conferences. In an age when virtual meetings are the new normal, having everyone together to meet and share information is a regular Tuesday.  However, video conferencing in companies dealing with multi-language employees, customers, consultants, vendors, etc. has faced a huge translation hurdle.  Now,  Cisco’s Webex, is rolling out a preview of real-time translation during video conferencing calls.

Here is what Cisco has to say on its website:

  • Starting this month: Webex customers can preview real-time translations from English into 100+ languages
  • Webex AI-powered, real-time translation drives more inclusive collaboration through virtual meeting experiences that are 10x better than in person interactions
  • Webex innovation paving the way for real-time translation beyond English


The expanded Real-Time Translation feature will be available in Webex as a preview starting this month and will be orderable and generally available in May.

Not all dialects included in translation.

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