Change with the changing technologyOver the past 25 years the evolution of technology has exploded. The amount of technology that we used in our day to day lives and the way that we interface with technology has changed immensely, forcing us into to evolve with new tech or be left in the cold gripping our corded phones and DOS computers for dear life.

The extreme evolution of technology is most prevalent in the realm of the data center and the network equipment housed within. These data centers, large or small, are the heart and soul of nearly every company, ensuring that the interfaces that have become part of our everyday lives, run smoothly. The problem is, even the most skilled IT professionals have a difficult time keeping with the fast paced evolution of network equipment technology.

learn to live outside the comfort zoneIn fact, many professionals in the information technology world, find a way of installing or programming their servers, routers and switches that works for them and never look back. Unfortunately, settling into a comfort zone when it comes to managing data center equipment is a sure fire way of ensuring yourself some major frustration in the not so distant future. Particularly with the Internet Of Things looming just around the corner.

One of the best ways that you can ensure that you will easily adapt to the evolution of your network equipment technology is to have an open mind. It is important to acknowledge and accept that the world of technology is ever changing. Which means that no matter how happy you are with your current process, it will eventually change and consequently so will you.

Technology changes are always coming!Another way to ensure an easy transition when new tech arises is to stay ahead of the curve. It is important for you to know what changes are ahead and prepare yourself for them at a pace that is comfortable to you. Instead of having to catch up when you are forced to modify your current practices. Though, this is not always an easy task.

Many times, a functionality or operation will be phased out slowly. As a result, OEM’s will advertise said operation or function in the specs of newer equipment, when the server or switch’s design has evolved past the point of performing the task in the outmoded manner. Meaning, you cannot rely solely on the specs of forthcoming equipment, you need to know what changes are on the horizon when they are first introduced. Again, so you will have the time to adjust to the new technique at your own pace in your own way.

The Bottom Line

Technology especially in within the data center is constantly changing. No IT professional, has the time to spend all day trying to install and program a new switch, only to discover that their methods have been outmoded. To prevent this, you must make it a priority to stay ahead of these changes rather than be blindsided by them.



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