Shhh secrets of used cisco dealersEarlier this month, I filled you in on the 4 major things all network equipment resellers are dying to tell you. It has occurred to me that there is another, shall we say, secret about the secondary IT hardware market that you are most likely not aware of. Never fear, I am here to share it with you.

While there is a general knowledge of what network equipment reseller’s do, buying and selling pre-owned and new IT hardware and selling it at a discounted price, most are unaware of the reason why the network equipment resale market is so unique.



In many ways, the IT hardware resale market is just like any other market. Companies working hard to prove that they are the best so that they can win your business and of course establish a great working relationship between your company and theirs. These are the fundamentals of all business practices across every market.

So, what makes the Secondary IT hardware market so special?

Yes, the basic principles of the secondary market are the same as any other business. All network hardware resellers want to win your business. However, the way IT equipment resellers conduct business with our customers and our fellow network equipment resellers is what sets up apart from other businesses. to put it simply, secondary market resellers not only do business with out Network equipment dealers are unitedcustomers, but we also work together with our peers.
Reputable resellers who are members of organizations like UNEDA, have a mutual respect for one another. We work together to fulfill the needs of our own customers as well as the customers of other UNEDA members. Members of the network equipment reseller community are united by the common goal of fulfilling the IT hardware needs of our customers and ultimately making sure all of our end users are happy.

The Bottom Line

The secondary network equipment market is unique because it is comprised of a community of reputable resellers who work cohesively toward a common goal rather than against each, other as most businesses within the same market tend to do.

What does this mean for you as a customer? It means that you can rely on the fact that your chosen network equipment reseller is determined to satisfy all of your IT equipment needs with the support of all of the other members of the secondary market community. Assuring you that your data center needs will never be unsatisfied.



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